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Folk-lore Bibliography.

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(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Interesting study of the historic and social conditions underlying the oldest French epic poetry.

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(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Discussion of cup and circle-markings.

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(Symbol missingsymbol characters) One of the most important works ever published on the relations between mediæval literature and the current folk-tale. Folk-Lore will review it at some length shortly.

Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, vol. xvii (1890-91). 8vo. xvi, 273 pp. Inverness, 1892.

(Symbol missingsymbol characters) Among the contents are: The School of Birds, a Western Island Tale, by the Rev. J. G. Campbell of Tiree (master-thief and transformation-fight story). A. Macdonald, Observations on Highland Ethnology, with special reference to Inverness and the district. A. Macbain, Gaelic Incantations (valuable and exhaustive paper).