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Cinderella in Britain.

have proved fully as useful and valuable as I anticipated in recommending them: it is practically impossible to use the long tabulations for comparative purposes without some such shorthand. For the purpose of our inquiry we will find it more convenient to arrange the incidents vertically, and not, as in Miss Cox's book, finish the tabulation of one story before beginning that of another. By this means we are enabled to display parallelism graphically.


Gregor. Lang. Chambers, I. and II.[1] Blind.
Ill-treated heroine (by parents). Calf given by dying mother. Heroine dislikes husband.[2] Ill-treated heroine (by stepmother).
Helpful animal (red calf). Ill-treated heroine (by stepmother and sisters). Hen wife aid. Menial heroine.
Spy on heroine. Heroine disguise (rashin coatie). Countertasks. Helpful animal (black sheep).
Slaying of helpful animal threatened. Hearth abode. Heroine disguise. Ear cornucopia.
Heroine flight. Helpful animal. Heroine flight. Spy on heroine.
Heroine disguise (rashin coatie). Slaying of helpful animal. Menial heroine. Slaying of helpful animal.
Menial heroine. Revivified bones.
Help at grave.
Dinner cooked (by helpful animal).
(Fairy) aid. Old woman advice.
Revivified bones.
Task-performing animal.
Magic dresses (given by calf). Magic dresses. Magic dresses. Meeting-place (church).
Meeting-place (church). Meeting-place (church). Meeting-place (church). Dresses (not magic).
Flight. Flight threefold. Flight threefold. Flight twofold.
Lost shoe. Lost shoe. Lost shoe. Lost shoe.
Shoe marriage test. Shoe marriage test. Shoe marriage test. Shoe marriage test.
Mutilated foot (Housewife's daugh.) Mutilated foot. Mutilated foot. Mutilated foot.
Bird witness False bride. False bride. False bride.
Happy marriage. Bird witness Bird witness Bird witness (raven).
House for red calf. Happy marriage. Happy marriage. Happy marriage.

  1. The second variant in Chambers does not contain the incidents marked in italics.
  2. The incidents marked in italics are clearly derived from some version of the Catskin type of story.