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Cinderella and Britain.


Macleod. Campbell. Sinclair. Curtin.
Heroine, daughter of sheep, king's wife. Ill-treated heroine (by stepmother). Ill-treated heroine (by stepmother and sisters). Ill-treated heroine (by elder sisters).
Spy on heroine. Menial heroine. Menial heroine. Menial heroine.
  Helpful animal. Helpful cantrips. Henwife aid.
  Spy on heroine. Magic dresses. (+ starlings on shoulders). Magic dresses.(honey-bird, finger and stud).
Revivified bones. Revivified bones. Lost shoe. Lost shoe.
  Stepsister substitute. Shoe marriage test. Shoe marriage test.
Magic dresses. Golden shoe gift (from hero). Heroine under washtub. Mutilated foot.
Meeting-place (feast). Meeting-place (sermon). Happy marriage Happy marriage
Flight threefold. Flight threefold. Substituted bride Substituted bride (eldest sister).
Lost shoe (golden). Lost shoe. Jonah heroine. Jonah heroine.
Shoe marriage test. Shoe marriage test. Three reappearances. Three reappearances.
Mutilated foot. Mutilated foot. Reunion Reunion
  False bride.   Villain Nemesis.
Bird witness. Bird witness.    
Happy marriage. Happy marriage.    

Now in the "English" versions there is practical unanimity in the concluding portions of the tale. Magic dresses—Meeting-place {Church)—Flight—Lost shoe—Shoe marriage-test—Mutilated foot—False bride—Bird witness—Happy marriage, follow one another with exemplary regularity in all four (six) versions.[1] The introductory incidents vary somewhat. Chambers has evidently a maimed version of the introduction of Catskin. The remaining three enable us, however, to restore with some confidence the Ur-Cinderella in English, somewhat as follows: Helpful

  1. Chambers, II, consists entirely and solely of these incidents.