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[English books published in London, French books in Paris, unless otherwise mentioned.]

Bedier (J.). Les Fabliaux. Études de littérature populaire et d'histoire littéraire du Moyen Age. 8vo. pp. xxviii, 485. E. Bouillon.
·.· Admirable and important work, to be noticed fully in a forthcoming number of Folk-Lore.

Bellorini (E.). Canti popolari Amorosi raccolte a Nuova (Sardinia). 8vo. pp. 336. Bergamo: Cattaneo.

———— Folk-lore Sardo. 8vo, 14 pp. Cagliari.

Broadwood (Lucy) and Fuller Maitland (J. A.). English Country Songs. Leadenhall Press.

Fison (L. A.). Uncle Mike: an old Suffolk Fairy Tale. 4to. pp. 34. Jarrold.
·.· An illustrated reprint in Suffolk dialect of an admirably told fairy anecdote. It appeared years ago in Aunt Judy's Annual, as well as, in an abridged form, in the Ipswich Journal.

Gigli (G.). Superstizioni, pregiudici e tradizioni in terra d'Otranto, con un aggiunta di Canti e Fiabe popolari. 8vo. pp. 290. Florence : Bartera.

Gittée (A.) et Lemoine (J.). Contes populaires du pays Wallon. 8vo. pp. 176. Ghent: Vanderpoorten.

Golther (W.). Die Sage vom fliegendem Holländer. (Extr. Bayreuther Blätter, vol. 16.)

Gorra (E.). Studi di critica letteraria. 12mo. pp. iv, 405. Bologna: Zanichelli. (Contains, inter alia, a study on the Sources of the Pecorone.)