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4o6 Folk-lore Bibliography. Grundriss der germanischen Philologie, Vol. II, ii, 3 (con- clusion of the work). Strassburg : Triibner. Contains, mter alia, E. MOGK, Die Behandlung der volkstiimlichen Sitte der Gegenwart. (Slighter than I had hoped from this distinguished author, and singularly incomplete as regards the English biblio- graphy of the subject. — A. N.) Hardy (E.). Die Vedisch-brahm.anische Periode der Religion des alten Indiens, nach den Ouellen dargestellt. 8vo. Miinster : Aschendorff. Harou (A.). Me'langes de Traditionnisme de la Belgique. i6mo. pp. 151. Paris : Bureau de La Tradition. ■ . • Vol. X of the " Collection Internationale de La Tradition^ edited by MM. Blemont and Catnoy. Haurigot (G.). Littdrature orale de la Guyane fran^aise. Contes, devinettes, proverbes. {Extr. Revue des Traditions populaires, vol. viii.) Heim (R.). Incantamentamagica groeca, latina ; collecta, disposita et edita. 8vo. pp. no. Leipzig, 1892. Hoops (Joh.). Pflanzenaberglaube bei den Angelsachsen. {Ex-ir- Globus, vol. 63, Nos. 19, 20.) ■ . • Excellent attempt to disentangle and date the component elements of Anglo-Saxon " Wortcunning". Hope (R. C). The Legendary Lore of the Holy Wells of England, including rivers, lakes, fountains, and springs. 8vo. E. Stock. Hyde (Douglas). Love Songs of Connacht (being the fourth chapter of the " Songs of Connacht