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The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas.
3a 2. Berbha — Magh Femhin — Sliabh Mis — Loch Léin.
3b I. Sliabh Cua — Luimnech — Sliabh n-Echtga,
3b 2. Magh n-Aighni [leg. n-Aidhni] — Port Lairgi.
Here, probably, three leaves are lost.
4a I, The final quatrain of the article Tuagh Inbhir; Bard Maile's poem about Tuagh Inbir, also in the Book of Leinster, pp. 152b, 153a — Beann Bogaine.
4a 2. Magh Coraind — Loch n-Echach.
4b I. Loch n-Eirne — Sliabh Beatha.
4b 2. Coire mBrecan — Beann Foibhne — Ard Fothaidh — Ard Macha.
5a I. Magh Coba— Sliabh Callainn— Sliabh Fuait.
5a 2. Lia Lindgadain — Magh Mughna.
5b I. Findloch Cera — Magh Tailten — Beand Bairchi — Tráigh Tuirbhe — Lusmagh.
5b 2. Beand Codhail — Tlachtga — Inbher Cichmaini.

It will be seen that the Oxford Dinnshenchas does not contain the last twenty-two of these articles, and the primary object of this paper is to print the twenty-two faithfully, with literal translations and such notes as seem likely to elucidate what often, in spite of all my efforts, remains obscure. I have added, by way of supplement, three other articles found in Egerton 1781, a vellum in the British Museum, and hitherto, so far as I know, unpublished. The articles now printed are numbered consecutively, in continuation of the fifty-two already published in this Journal. Those most likely to interest folklorists are Nos. 55, 61, 64, 67, 69, 70, 73. In the notes, "BB." means the Book of Ballymote ; "H." the Dublin vellum H. 3.- 3 ; "Lee." the Book of Lecan ; "LL." the Book of Leinster ; and "R." the Irish MS. at Rennes.

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