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The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas. 483

Callann, the skilful (?) sheep-dog Of Buide, son of ever-judging Ban, Fought with the Brown Bull of Cualgne. He was savage at wrong.

Also in BB. 404 b i ; H. 64 b ; Lee. 514 b ; and R. 119 b 2, where there is an additional paragraph stating that the dog was a pup of Daol, the hound of Celtchar, which had been found in the skull of Conganchnes {" Hornskin"), along with the hounds of Culann the Brazier and Mac da Th6. As to this see the note in the left margin of LU. 6r a.

The Edinburgh codex is here so corrupt and incomplete that I have not ventured to punctuate, and my version is merely tentative.

Sliab Callann is now Slieve Gallion, a mountain in the county of Londonderry, on the borders of Tyrone.

The Donn of Cualgne (now Cooley in the co. of Louth) is the famous brown bull to obtain which was the object of the e-xpedition known as the Tain bo Cualngi, " Driving of the kine of Cualnge."

[64. SuAB FuAiT.] — Sliab Fuait, canas rohainmnig?^? Fuad mac Bile meic Breoghain, is e robo ri Ua mBreoghain. Taraill inse^ ar in fairrge [oc tuidecht la macaib Miled] dochum nErend, ~\ gach sen nofuirmheadh a bond iuirrx ni abrad gai no breig. Tug fod firindi lais [fo. 5^ 2] asin indsi. intan adb(?readh gai dochuiredh- a fsesgul suas, -] intan atbfread firindi dochuireadh a chain suas. Ata in fod sin isin tshleib heus, -] is fair dorochair in graindi o gherran Padraic, comdh adrad sruith[i] ardaigh na firinde do choimhet. \]nde Sliabh Fuait.

No gomad in [leg. 6n] fod doradad ior Ceand niB^n-idi do imarchur, ar rothairgseadUk/^righe don senfhir noberadhcorpC^w- chobhair go hEamain oda Mag Lamhraidhe gen fhuirmeadh, go rogabh Ceann B^nride fair, go roisead Sliabh Fuait, go tard a bonn fri lar i Sleib Fuait. Adb^rtadar Ulaid na bad ri aire sin e. Atb^rt som fod go leithead a bonn do thabairt fair. Doradadhon go voacht Emhain. Co?i\d ann dobhath, conid\\ desin ata " righe Chind B^rride".

Fuat mac Bile choeimh cruadhaigh,-^

ua Breaguin buirr bithbuadaig,*

tuc ar rod fear luchta ille

fod f^rs'tuc[tha] firinde.

Sliab Fuait, whence was it named?

Fuat, son of Bile, son of Breogan, 'tis he that was king of Hdi Kreogain. As he was coming to Erin with the sons of Mil he landed on an island in the ocean, and no one who set his sole thereon would utter a lie or a falsehood. Out of the island he brought difot (sod) of truth, whereon he sat when dealing doom and deciding questions. When he uttered falsehood it would put

1 For inse the MS. has (corruptly) for in fairgecA/. * Here the

MS. inserts: a chain suas ata \n fod. * MS. cruaghaigh.

  • MS. blthbuagaig.