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The present is the last number of Folk-Lore which will appear under the joint direction of Messrs. Nutt and the Society. Henceforth the Journal will be the sole property of the Society, and will consist almost entirely of the Transactions and Proceedings of the Society. It is intended, however, to continue the Bibliography on the same lines as at present, and it is hoped to extend the reviews of folk-lore books,

Mr. Joseph Jacobs finding himself unable by pressure of work to continue the editorship of Folk-Lore, his place has been taken by Mr. Alfred Nutt, who will be assisted by a committee consisting of the President, the Treasurer, Miss Roalfe Cox, Mr. Jacobs, and Mr. W. F. Kirby. All communications with regard to Papers, etc., should be sent to Mr. Alfred Nutt, 270, Strand, London, and should bear on the envelope or wrapper, "re Folk-Lore."

Still another Folk-lore Society has come into existence at the initiative of Professor Angelo de Gubernatis, the author of Zoological Mythology. It is termed Società nazionale del Folk-lore italiano, and has already a membership roll of over 600. It is to publish a review, Revista delle Tradizioni popolari italiane, and a Biblioteca of independent treatises, which the members will be able to buy at a reduced price. It is to be presumed that the new Society will restrict its operations to Italy proper, Dr. Pitrè doing all that is necessary for Sicily.

The Italian Society has already set to work, and has been lucky enough to obtain the co-operation of the