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Notes and News.

Italian Government. Under its auspices Italy has been parcelled out into sections, the folk-lore of which is to be collected by local committees. Queen Margherita has accepted the presidency of one of these committees, and is now working submissively under Professor de Gubernatis. Fancy Mr. Asquith issuing the circulars of the Folklore Society, and the Princess of Wales reporting to Mr. Gomme!

Among forthcoming folk-tale collections is one of great interest to the student of Celtic folk-literature. Mr. Larminie's Irish folk-tales (E. Stock) have been directly collected from the folk ; the Irish text is transcribed phonetically, and the translation aims at reproducing all the characteristic features of the original.

Mr. and Mrs. Gomme's Dictionary of British Games will be a larger work than was at first anticipated, and will appear in two volumes, the first of which will be issued early in 1894. {{center|______} Among the journals noticed in our bibliographical summary from time to time, the Internationales Archiv für Ethnographie has found a place. It is published at Leyden six times a year, under the editorship of Dr. Kern and Dr. Schlegel, professors at the University, Dr. Dozy, and Mr. Schmeltz, the learned Curator of the Ethnographical Museum ; and contains articles in Dutch, English, and German. Two out of the three chief articles in the present number are in English, that of Prof. Haddon being of special interest. It is now completing its sixth year, and so far, we regret to say, it has been carried on at a loss. The expense attending the production of the numerous beautiful and accurate plates and other illustrations has probably contributed largely to this result. Both the illustrations and the letterpress are of the highest value to all who are interested in folk-lore researches. The editors and pub-