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I.—(March 1893.)

Annual Address by the President 1
Magic Songs of the Finns, V. Hon. J. Abercromby 27
May-Day in Cheltenham. W. H. D. Rouse. (Illustrated) 50
Sacred Wells in Wales. Prof. J. Rhys 55
Report on Folk-tale Research, 1892. E. Sidney Hartland, F.S.A. 80

II.—(June 1893.)

Cinderella and Britain. Alfred Nutt 133
The False Bride. Miss G. M. Godden 142
English Folk-Drama, II. T. Fairman Ordish 149
Folk-lore Gleanings from County Leitrim. Leland L. Duncan 176
Balochi Tales. M. Longworth Dames 195
Obeah Worship in East and West Indies, May Robinson and M. J. Walhouse. (Illustrated) 207
The Oldest Icelandic Folk-lore. W. A. Craigie 219
The Folk. Joseph Jacobs 233

III.— (September 1893.)

Cinderella in Britain. Joseph Jacobs 269
Balochi Tales, III. M. Longworth Dames 285
The Cow-Mass. Edward Peacock, F.S.A. 303
First-footing in Edinburgh. G. Hastie 309
First-footing in Aberdeenshire. James E. Crombie 315
The Glass Mountain. A Note on Folk-lore Gleanings from County Leitrim. Mabel Peacock 322
Szekely Tales, I. Translated by Miss P. Gaye 328
The Chicago Folk-lore Congress of 1893. Hon. John Abercromby 345
A Batch of Irish Folk-lore. Professor A. C. Haddon 349
Celtic Myth and Saga. Report of Research during the years 1892 and 1893. Alfred Nutt 365

IV.— (December 1893.)

Cinderella and the Diffusion of Tales. Andrew Lang, M.A. 413
Some Recent Utterances of Mr. Newell and Mr. Jacobs. A Criticism. Alfred Nutt 434
Pin-Wells and Rag-Bushes. E. Sidney Hartland, F.S.A. 451
The Edinburgh Dinnshenchas. Edited and translated by Whitley Stokes, LL.D. 471