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The Sanctuary of Mourie. Miss G. M. Godden. (With two Illustrations)

Melanesian Folk-tales. R. H. Codrington 509
Folk-lore in Wills. Leland L. Duncan 513
Balochi Tales, IV. M. Longworth Dames 518

Notes and News (March, June, September, December) 110, 251, 394, 529
Comparetti’s Kalevala. Hon. J. Abercromby 102
Troïtzky’s Vestiges de Paganisme. Professor A. C. Haddon 105
General Pitt-Rivers’ Excavations in Bokerly and Wansdyke. E. Sidney Hartland, F.S.A. 239
Frédéric Sander, La Mythologie du Nord. F. York Powell 388
Mr. Hartland's "Sin-Eater", and Primitive Sacraments. E. Sidney Hartland 106
Mouse-Nibbling. W. H. D. Rouse 106
"Bogles" and "Ghosts". Mrs. Balfour 107
Chained Images. Miss G. M. Godden 108
Chained Images. Major R. C. Temple 249
Red-haired Men. W. H. D. Rouse 249
Lenten Custom in the South of Italy. Lucy E. Broadwood 390
Key Magic. W. B. Gerish 391
"The Sin-Eater." Gertrude Hope 392
Notes on Welsh Folk-lore. Mrs. Frances Hoggan, M.D. 122
Wedding Dance-Mask from Co. Mayo. Prof. A. C. Haddon 123
Drinking the Moon. W. A. Clouston 124
Sorcery: Melting Wax Images of Intended Victims. Smelling the Head in token of Affection. W. A. Clouston 256
Naxian Superstitions. W. R. Paton 257
Tokens of Death. W. H. D. Rouse 258
How to locate a Drowned Body. W. B. Gerish 258
The Overflowing of Magic Wells. Margaret Stuart 259
Immuring Alive. M. J. Walhouse 259
Folk-lore Items from North Indian Notes and Queries. W. H. D. Rouse 396, 534
The Sin-Eater. Mrs. H. G. M. Murray-Aynsley 396
John Aller. T. W. E. Higgens 396
The Flitting Gnomes ; The Monaciello of Naples ; Dwarfs in the East ; Dwarfs in the West. M. L. C. (M. J. Walhouse) 400
May-Day at Watford, Herts. Percy Manning 403
Smelling in Token of Affection. W. B. Hope 537
Folk-lore Bibliography (March, June, September, December) 125, 263, 405, 538
Folk-lore Society. Fifteenth Annual Report of the Council.—Proceedings at Evening Meetings (March, June, December) 112, 253, 532
Index 543