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The History of Sindban and

Now, my lord, order them to bring their companion, that the three of them be assembled, and that they may receive the money."' So the old woman returned to the ruler, and spake to him as the boy had taught her. And the judge addressed the men: 'Is it true (what) the old woman thus (says)?' They reply: 'Yes.' He says to them: 'Go and bring your companion, and take the money.' The ruler then knew that someone had instructed her, and he addressed her: 'Disclose to me, old lady, who instructed you in this matter?' The old lady replies: 'A boy five years old taught me.' So the ruler sent, and had the boy brought, and addressed him: 'Did you instruct the old lady in these things?' To which he replied: 'Yes, my lord!' Thereupon the ruler took him, and made him chief over the philosophers.

King's Son. XXII.—"Now this is the story of the blind man. There was once a merchant, who bought sweet-smelling wood called aloes-wood. And he moreover heard. . . . . ."

[The MS. breaks off abruptly here; all the rest is missing.]