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Minutes of Meeting. 131

TUESDAY, MARCH IGth, 1897. The President (Mr. Alfred Nutt) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed.

The election of the following new members was an- nounced, viz. : Miss A. B. Henderson, and Mr. H. S. Charrington.

The Secretary exhibited a " Poplady Cake," sold at Staines on New Year's Day, 1897, sent by Mr. W. P. Merrick, of Shepperton, and a photograph of a War God from the Boma District, Congo Free State, now in the National Museum of Ethnography at Leiden, kindly sent by Dr. Schmeltz, the curator, to Mr. E. S. Hartland.

Mr. Percy Manning exhibited a number of objects illus- trating some Oxfordshire Festivals, and read a short ex- planatory paper. He also exhibited a divining rod for finding water, cut and used by John Mullins, of Colerne, near Chippenham, Wilts.

The Secretary read a paper by Mr. R. E. Dennett, on the " Death and Burial of the Fiote (French Congo)," after which Miss Mary H. Kingsley read a paper on " The Fetish View of the Human Soul." Miss Kingsley also exhibited the following charms, etc., used by the Fans, viz.: (i) A Basket for catching Human Souls ; (2) A Horn which, if carried by a man, renders him invisible to Elephants; (3) A Bian made of pineapple fibre, which prevents a man from losing his way in the forest ; (4) A Sacrificial Knife with blade in the shape of the beak of the Hornbill, a bird much respected by the Fans ; (5) A Fighting Knife; (6) A Basket with a lid at either end, used for discovering who has be- witched a person.

In the discussion which followed Mr. Crooke, Dr. Lowy, Dr. Gaster, Mr. Gomme, Mr. Clodd, and the President took part ; and at the conclusion of the meeting a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Miss Kingsley for her paper.

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