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Officers and Members. xi

Skipwith, G. H., Esq., 3, Tanza Road, Hampstead, N.W.

Skrine, H. D., Esq., ClaTcrton Manor, Bath.

Southam, S. Clement, Esq., Elmhurst, Shrew.sbury.

Speth, G. "W., Esq., La Tuya. Edward Road, Bromley, Kent.

Stanbery, Miss K. S., Adair Avenue, Zanesville, Ohio, U.S.A.

Stephens, The Very Rev. V^. R. W., M.A., Dean of Winchester, The

Deanery, Winchester. Stephenson, C. H., Esq., CI, Kew Road, Birkdale, Lancashire. St. Helen's Corporation Free Library, per A. Lancaster, Esq., Librarian,

Town Hall, St. Helen's. Stockholm, Royal Library of, per Sampson, Low, and Co., St. Dunstan"s

House, Fetter Lane. E. C. Stokes, Whitley, Esq, C.S.L, CLE., D.C.L., LL.D., 15, Grenville Place,

S. Kensington. Storr, Rayner, Esq.. Haslemere, Surrey. Strafford, Right Hon. the Earl of, Wrotham Park, Barnet. Struben, Mrs. E., care of A. Strnben, Esq., 19, Upper Gloucester Place,

Dorset Square, N.W. Stuart, Mrs. Alexander, Crear Cottage, Morningside Drive, Edinburgh. Surgeon-General's Office, Washington, U.S.A., per Kegan Paul, Trench.

Triibner, and Co., Ld., Charing Cross Road, S.W. Swainson, Rev. C, The Rectory, Old Charlton. Swansea Public Library, per S. E. Thompson, Esq., Librarian. Sydney Free Public Library, per J. Pentland Young, 38, West Smith- field, E.G.

Tabor, C, Esq., The Vv hite House, Knotts Green, Leyton.

Tate Library, University College, Liverpool, care of J. Sampson, Esq.

Tayler, Miss Constance, 29, Kensington Gate, W.

Taylor Institution, Oxford, per Parker and Co., 6, Southampton Street,

Strand, W.C. Taylor, Miss Helen, Avignon, France. Temple, Lieut.-Colonel R. C, CLE., Government House, Port Blair,

Andaman Islands. Terry, F. C. Birkbeck, Esq., The Paddocks, Palgrave, Diss, Norfolk. Thomas, N. W., Esq., 6i, Church Street, Oswestry. Thompson, Miss R. M., Caley Lodge, Ray Park, Maidenhead. Thompson, Miss Skeffington, 1, Morley Cottages, Chislehurst Common,

Kent. Todhunter, Dr. J., Orchardcroft, Bedford Park, W. Tolhurst, J., Esq., F.S.A., Glenbrook, Beckenham, Kent. Torquay Natural History Society, care of A. Somervail, Esq. Townshend, Mrs. R. B., SO, Woodstock Road, Oxford. Traherne, G. G., Esq., Coedarhydyglyn, Cardiff. Traherne, L. E., Esq., Coedriglan Park, Cardiff.