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xii Officers and Members.

Travancore, His Highness the Maharajah of, Huzier, Cutcherry, Trevan- drum, per P. Macfadyen and Co., Winchester House, Old Broad Street, E.G.

Tnmbull, A. H., Esq., Elibank, Wellington, New Zealand, per A. L. Elder and Co., 7, St. Helen's Place, E.C.

Tylor, Professor E. B., LL.D., F.R.S., The Museum House, Oxford {Vice- President).

Udal, The Hon. J. S., Attorney-General, Fiji Islands, per Messrs. Lovell, Son, and Pitfield, 3, Gray's Inn Square, W.C.

Van Stockum, W. P., and Son, 36, Buitenhof, The Hague, Holland. Voss' Sortiment (G. Haessler), Leipzig.

Walhouse, M. J., Esq., 28, Hamilton Terrace, St. John's Wood, N.W. Walker, Dr. Eobert, Budleigh-Salterton, Devon, per E. W. Watson, Esq.,

22, Highbury New Park, N. Walpole, H., Esq., India Office, Whitehall, S.W.

Wardrop, Miss Marjory, British Vice-Consulate, Kertch, Crimea, Russia. Warner, S. G., Esq., Elmside, Bolingbroke Grove, S.W. Waters, W. G., Esq., 7, Mansfield Street, Portland Place, W. Watkinson Library, Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.A., per E. G. Allen, 28,

Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, W.C. Westermann and Co., Messrs., 812, Broadway, New York, U.S.A., per

H. Grevel and Co., 33, King Street, Covent Garden, W.C. (2 copies). Weston, Miss J. L., Barnavie, Lansdowne Road, Bournemouth. Wheatley, Henry B., Esq., F.S.A., 2, Oppidans Road, Primrose Hill, N.W. White, Miss Diana, Old Priory, Sydenham. White, George, Esq., Ashley House, Epsom.

Williams, A. M., Esq., 41, Whitmarsh Street, Providence, R.I., U.S.A. Williamson, Rev. Charles A., 14, Upper Mount St., Dublin. Wills, Miss M. M. Evelyn, Heathfield, Swansea. Wilson, R. H., Esq., 23, Cromwell Crescent, S.W. Windle, Professor B. C. A., M.D., D.Sc, M.A., Dean of Queen's Faculty of

Medicine, Mason College, Birmingham. C. Wissendorff, H., 19, Nadeschkinskara, St. Petersburg, Russia. Woman's Anthropological Society, Washington, D.C., U.S.A., care of Mrs.

M. P. Seaman, 1424, Eleventh Street, N.W., Washington, D.C., U.S.A. Wood, Alexander, Esq., Thornly, Saltcoats, N.B. Woodall, E., Esq., Wingthorpe, Oswestry. Worcester Free Public Library, Mass., U.S.A., per Kegan Paul, Trench,

Triibner, and Co., Ld. Wright, A. R., Esq, H.M. Patent Office, 25, Southampton Buildings,

Chancery Lane, W.C. Wright, W. Aldis, Esq., M.A., Trinity College, Cambridge. Wurtzburg, J. H., Esq., Clavering, 2, De Greys Road, Leeds. Wyndham, George, Esq., M.P., 35, Park Lane, W.