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1 90 Bibliography.

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Evolution. 2 vols. 8vo. Ed. Arnold. [Vol. ii. contains

the following articles, to which the attention of folk-

lorists, especially of students of Germanic folklore, is called.

A notice of them will appear in a forthcoming number of

Folk- Lore : — Woman as Witch; Evidences of Mother-Right

in the Customs of Mediaeval Witchcraft. Ashiepattle :

or Hans seeks his Luck. Kindred Group Marriage: (i)

Mother-Age Civilisation, (2) General Words for Sex and

Kinship, (3) Special Words for Sex and Kinship. The

German Passion Play : a Study in the Evolution of

Western Christianity. Appendix: (i) The Maikhn and

Kiltgang, (2) English i6th Century Church Plays, (3) On

the Sex Significance of "Tilth," (4) On Gericht and

Genossenschaft. ]

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