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1 9 2 Bih liography .

Reliquary, iii, 2. /. Ward. Recent Cave-Hunting in Derby- shire : Thirst House. [Includes some notes on the Hob- thirst.]

Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 3rd Ser., iv, 1. C. R. Browne. The Ethnography of Ballycroy, co. Mayo. [Dr. Browne's contributions to Irish Ethnography should not be overlooked by students.]

Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology, xix, 2. Sir P. Le Page Renonf, The Book of the Dead, chaps, cxxix., cxxx. — 3. Sir P. Le Page Renonf^ The Book of the Dead, chaps, cxxx. to cxxxii. Sir P. Le Page Renouf^ The Lay of the Threshers. Dr. Gaster, Two Unknown Hebrew Ver- sions of the Tobit Legend. — 4. Sir P. Le Page Retionf^ The Book of the Dead, chaps, xxxiii. to xxxv.

Report of the British Association, 1896. Fourth Report of the Ethnographical Survey Committee [see ante, p. 23]. Report of the Committee on the Linguistic and Anthropological Characteristics of the North Dravidian and Kolarian Races : the Uranz£;s.

Madras Government Museum. Bulletin, ii, 1. Anthropology. E. Thurston, Badagas and Irulas of the Nilgiris, Paniyans of Malabar.

Report of the U. S. National Museum for the year ending June 30, 1894. O. T. Mason, Primitive Travel and Transporta- tion. S. Culin, Mancala, the National Game of Africa. /. D. McGuire, Primitive Methods of Drilling. T. Wilson, The Swastika.

L'Anthropologie, viii, 1. LI. Alalbot et R. Verneau, Les Chaouias et la trepanation du crane dans I'Aures. Glauinont, La cul- ture de I'igname et du taro en Nouvelle-Caledonie.

Internationales Archiv fiir Ethnographie, ix, 6. H. Schurtz, Zur Ornamentik der Aino. — x, 1. T. Achelis, Der Gott Tane, ein Kapitel aus der polynesischen Mythologie. — 2. S. R. Kusnezow, Ueber den Glauben von Jenseits und den Tod- tencultus der Tscheremissen. C. Sapper, Mittelamerican ische Caraiben.

Correspondenz-Blatter der deutschen anthropologischen Gesell- schaft, X, 1896. F. Freiherr von Andrian, Ueber W^ort aberglauben.