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Minutes of Meetings. 19

Mr. Wheatley read a paper entitled " The Folklore of Pepys ; " and in the discussion which followed, the President, Messrs. Emslie, Naake, and Higgens, and Dr. Gaster took part.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 19th, 1897.


The President (Mr. Edward Clodd) in the Chair.

The minutes of the last annual meeting were read and confirmed.

On the motion of Mr. Gomme, seconded by Mr. Jacobs, it was resolved that the Annual Report, Statement of Accounts, and Balance Sheet (a copy of which had been sent to all the members of the Society) be received and adopted.

Mr. Wright moved, Mr. Hartland seconded, and it was resolved that Mr. Alfred Nutt be elected President for the year 1897, ^"^^ ^^^-^ the ladies and gentlemen nominated by the Council as Vice-Presidents, Members of Council, Treasurer, Auditors, and Secretary respectively be elected.

Mr. Clodd thereupon vacated the Chair, which was taken by Mr. Nutt, the newly-elected President, w^ho delivered his presidential address, his subject being " The Fairy World of English Literature: its Origin and Nature." At the conclusion of the address a hearty vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Nutt on the motion of Professor Rhys, seconded by Professor York Powell ; and a short discussion followed, in which Mr. Kirby, Mr. Bower, and Mr. Albany Major took part. In returning thanks, Mr. Nutt urged upon the members present to do all in their power to increase the numbers and influence of the Societ^^

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