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19TH January, 1897.

The Council are glad to report that the interest taken in the work of the Society has during the past year been well sustained.

A survey of the contents of the Journal shows that it has maintained the level of former years. It is still conducted by a Publications Committee consisting of Miss Cox, Messrs. Hartland, Gomme, Kirby, and Nutt, and the President and Treasurer ; but as the burden of the work, particularly that of editing the journal, falls on the Chairman of the Com- mittee, Mr. Hartland, the Council feel that the Society owes him a deep debt of gratitude for his able and zealous services.

It was stated in the last Annual Report that, in conse- quence of the heavy outlay upon the extra volumes of previous years, it might be found necessary for the balancing of the income and expenditure of the Society to defer the issue of any extra volume until 1897. The Council are, however, pleased to announce that, after carefully considering the question of ways and means, they have arranged to publish a MS. by Mr. H. M. Bower on "The Elevation and Procession of the Ceri at Gubbio " as an additional volume for the year 1896. This work, which the Council regard as one of exceptional interest and importance, is now in the press, and will be issued to members early in the year. The extra volume for 1897 will be a further instalment of County Folklore from Printed Sources. Two collections, viz. Northumberland, by Mrs. M. C. Balfour, and Nottinghamshire, by Mrs. Chaworth Musters, are already in the hands of the Publications Com-