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Folk-Poesy. Annotated transla- tions from the whole Cycle of Rotnaic Folk-verse and Folk-Prose, by Lucy M. J. Garnett, edited with Essays on the Science of Folk- lore, Greek Folk-speech a?td the Survival of Paganism, by J. S. Stuart-Glennie, 272 ; Babylonian Magic and Sorcery, being " The Prayers of the Lifting of the Hand" by Leonard W. King, 356 ; Natural History in Shak- speare's Time. Being Extracts illustrative of the subject as he knew it, by W. H. Seager, 359 ; The Sacred Tree ; or, The Tree in Religion and Myth, by Mrs. J. H. Philpot, 360 ; Corpus Inscrip- tionum Atticarutn : Appendix con- tinens defxionum tabulas. Edited by R. Wrench, 361 ; Welsh Folk- lore, a collection of the Folktales and Legends of North Wales, by Rev. Elias Owen, 362 ; Blasoti Populaire de Franchc-Comte, par Charles ' Beauquier, 364 ; The Celtic Doctrine of Re-birth, by Alfred Nutt, 365 ; The Chances of Death and other Studies in Evolu- tion, by Prof. Karl Pearson, 370 ; The Miracles of Madame Saint /Catherine of Fierbois, by Andrew Lang, 372

Revue Historique cited on Jaufre Rudel, 306

Reykjavik, how its site was selected, 178

Rheneia Island, connected with Delos by a chain, 344

Rheumatism, cures for, 355, 388, 389, 390

Rhyme, talismanic, to ensure return of loan to fairies, 381, consequence of forgetting, 382

Rhys, Prof. J., on parallelism between Tochmarc Emer etc. and Freya and Gerd, 301, on Kulhwch, 303

Richards, (Evelyn A. Melvill) The Burial of the Dead Horse (at sea) 281

Ring-finger, in witchcraft, 4

Ringworm, cure for, 390

Ritual, agricultural, Celtic, 367, of Dionysus, 367, Indian, 262, Baby- lonian of exorcism, 358, of god- binding, its importance, and main principles, 340-344, a special in-

stance, 349, of image-consecration,

savage, 325, 349, Greek and

Roman, 326, Indian, 327-332,

origin. 332, Robin Goodfellow, (^see Hobthirst)

36, 37, 46, his birth, 49, various

parallels, 50 Roden, Lord, quoted, on an Irish

idol, 355 ' Rodney' the fool, squire, or clown,

of Oxfordshire morris-dancers, 317 Rods, divining, and other, 360 Rollright Stones, tale and parallels,

338 Roman influence on mythology, 51 ;

image-consecration, 326 Romania, cited, 300 Rome, ancient, composite character

of its religion, 269, chained image

of Saturn at, 342, name of city

kept secret, 342 Roped i^see also Cord) contact between

altar of Diana and walls of Ephesus,

343 Rope-making, an outcast trade in

France, 160 Rosary, in witchcraft, 7 ' Rose Noble ' or ' Stinking Roger '

(herb), boiled for a tonic, 388 Rossel Mountains, New Ireland,

chalk effigies from, 334 Roumania, folklore of. Dragons and

their masters, 238 Rouse, (W. H. D.), errata in Folk- lore First Fruits from Lesbos, 176,

Fairy Gold, 379, Couvade, 379 Rubrics of Babylonian prayers and

ceremonies, 356 Rudra hymn, the, 328 Rufinus, referred to on Canobus as a

jar-god, 353 Russia, folklore of, (^see also Siberia),

84, 85, 86 Rydberg, V., his name-equation for

Orendel, 291, referred to on Alf

and Alfhild, 297

Sabbath-breaking and its punishment, 218, 226, 227, warning against, 218, 241

Sacred boulder at Kioto, (Japan) 342, well and fishes of Nant Peris, 281, trees and plants, 11, 329, 330, 332, 345> 348, 352, 357

Sacrifice, {^see Blood, see also Ver- milion), agricultural, Celtic, 44, 47> 367, underlying idea, 368,