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General Literature

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Illustrated. Cr. Svo. zs. 6d. Also in 4 Parts. Parts I. and II, 6d. each; Part III. Sd.; Part IV. rod. Rose (G. H.). See Hey (H.)., and Baring-Gould (S). Rowntree (Josfiua). THE IMPERIAL DRUG TRADE. A Re-Statement of THE Opium Question. Third Edition Revised. Cr. Svo. 2s. net.

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POETS OF OUR DAY. Selected, with an Introduction, by. Fcap. Svo. ss.

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THE POEMS OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. With an Introduction and Notes by George Wyndham. Demy Svo. Buckram, gilt fop, los. 6d. See also Arden Shakespeare, Standard Library and Little Quarto Shakespeare.