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Messrs. Methuen's Catalogue


Sharp (Cecil). See Baring-Gould (S.).

Sharp (Elizabeth). See Little Books on Art.

Shedlock (J. S.) THE PIANOFORTE SONATA. Cr. Zvo. 5^.

Shelley (Percy B.). See Standard Library.

Sheppard (H. F.), M.A. See Baring-Gould (S.).

Sherwell (Arthur), M.A. LIFE IN WEST LONDON. Third Edition. Cr. Zvo. 2S. 6d.

Shipley (Mary E.). AN ENGLISH CHURCH HISTORY FOR CHILDREN. With a Preface by the Bishop of Gibraltar. With Maps and Illustrations. Part I. Cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. net. Sichel (Walter). See Oxford Biographies.

Sidgwick (Mrs. Alfred). HOME LIFE IN GERMANY. With 16 Illustrations. Second Edition. Demy Svo. 10s. 6d. net. A Colonial Edition is also published.

Slme (John). See Little Books on Art.

Simonson (Q. A.). FRANCESCO GUARD I. With 41 Plates. Imperial ifto. £2, 2s. net.

Sketchley (R. E. D.). See Little Books on Art.

Skipton (H. P. K.). See Little Books on Art.

Sladen (Dougrlas). SICILY: The New Winter Resort. With over 200 Illustrations. Second Edition. Cr. Zvo. $s. net.

Small (Evan), M.A. ^ THE EARTH. An Introduction to Physiography. Illustrated. Cr. Svo. 2S. 6d.

Small wood (M. Q.). See Little Books on Art.

Smedley(F. E.). See I. P. L.

Smith (Adam). THE WEALTH OF NATIONS. Edited with an Introduction and numerous Notes by Edwin Cannan, M.A. Two volumes. DemyZvo. 2xs, net.

Smith (H. Clifford). See Connoisseur's Library.

Smith (Horace and James). See Little Library.

Smith (H. Bompas), M.A. A NEW JUNIOR ARITHMETIC. Crown Svo. Without Answers, 2s. With Answers, 2^. 6d.

Smith (R. Mudie). THOUGHTS FOR THE DAY. Edited by. Eca^. Svo. 3^. 6d. net.

Smith (Nowell C. ). See Wordsworth (W).

Smith (John Thomas). A BOOK FOR A RAINY DAY : Or, Recollections of the Events of the Years 1766-1833. Edited by Wilfred Written. Illustrated. Wide Demy Svo. 12s. 6d. net.

Snell (F. J.). A BOOK OF EXMOOR. Illustrated. Cr. Svo. 6s.

Snewden(C. E.). A HANDY DIGEST OF BRITISH HISTORY. DeynySvo. 4^. 6d.

Sophocles. See Classical Translations.

Somet (L. A.X and Acatos (M. J.) See Junior School Books.

South (B. Wilton), M.A. See Junior School Books

Southey (R.). ENGLISH SEAMEN Edited by David Hannay. Vol. I. (Howard, Cliflford, Hawkins, Drake, Cavendish). Second Edition. Cr. Svo. 6s. Vol. II. (Richard Hawkins, Grenville, Essex, and Raleigh). Cr. Svo. 6s. See also Standard Library.

Spence (C. H.), M.A. See School Examination Series.

Spicer (A. Dykes), M.A. THE PAPER TRADE. A Descriptive and Historical Survey. With Diagrams and Plans. Demy Svo. 12s. 6d. net.

Spooner (W. A.), M.A. See Leaders of Religion.

Spragge (W. Horton), M.A. See Junior School Books.

Staley (Edgcumbe). THE GUILDS OF FLORENCE. Illustrated. Second Edition. Royal Svo. iGs. net.

Stanbridge (J. W.), B.D. See Library of Devotion.

Stancliffe.' GOLF DO'S AND DONT'S Second Edition. Fcap. Svo. is.

Stead (D. W.). See Gallaher (D.).

Stedman(A. M. M.), M.A.

INITIA LATINA : Easy Lessons on Elementary Accidence. Tenth Edition. Fcap. Svo. xs.

FIRST LATIN LESSONS. Eleventh Edition. Cr. Svo. 2S.

FIRST LATIN READER. With Notes adapted to the Shorter Latin Primer and Vocabulary. Seventh Edition. iSmo. IS. 6d.


The Helvetian War. Third Edition. iSmo. IS.

EASY SELECTIONS FROM LIVY. The Kings of Rome. Second Edition. iSmo. IS. 6d.


EXEMPLA LATINA. First Exercises in Latin Accidence. With Vocabulary. Fourth Edition. Cr. Svo. is.

EASY LATIN EXERCISES ON THE SYNTAX OF THE SHORTER AND REVISED LATIN PRIMER. With Vocabulary. Twelfth and Cheaper Edition. Cr. Svo. IS. 6d. Original Edition. 2s. 6d. Key, 35. net.

THE LATIN COMPOUND SENTENCE: Rules and Exercises. Second Edition. Cr. Svo. IS. 6d. With Vocabulary. 2s.

NOTANDA QUAEDAM : Miscellaneous Latin Exercises on Common Rules and Idioms. Fifth Edition. Fcap. Svo. is. 6d With Vocabulary. 2s. Key, 25. net.

LATIN VOCABULARIES FOR REPETITION: Arranged according to Subjects. Fifteenth Edition. Fcap. Svo. is. 6d.

A VOCABULARY OF LATIN IDIOMS. iSmo. Fourth Edition, is. STEPS TO GREEK. Third Edition, revised. iSmo. is.