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General Literature

A SHORTER GREEK PRIMER. Second Edition. Cr. Zvo. is. 6d.

EASY GREEK PASSAGES FOR UNSEEN TRANSLATION. Fourth Edition, revised. Fcap. Zvo. zs. 6d.

GREEK VOCABULARIES FOR REPETITION. Arranged according to Subjects. Fourth Edition. Fcap. Zvo. s 6d.

GREEK TESTAMENT SELECTIONS. For the use of Schools. With Introduction, Notes, and Vocabulary. Fourth Edition. Fcap. Zvo. 2s. 6d.

STEPS TO FRENCH. Eighth Edition. iZmo. Zd.

FIRST FRENCH LESSONS. Eighth Edition. Cr. Z7'0. IS.


EASY FRENCH EXERCISES ON ELEMENTARY SYNTAX. With Vocabulary. Fourth Edition, Cr. Zvo, 2s. 6d. Key. 3^. net.

FRENCH VOCABULARIES FOR REPETITIONĀ : Arranged according to Subjects. Thirteenth Edition. Fcap. Zvo. is. See also School Examination Series.

Steel (R. Elliott), M.A., F.C.S. THE WORLD OF SCIENCE. With 147 Illustrations. Second Edition. Cr. Zvo. 2s, 6d. See also School Examination Series.

Stephenson (C.)i of the Technical College, Bradford, and Suddards (F.) of the Yorkshire College, Leeds. A TEXTBOOK DEALING WITH ORNAMENTAL DESIGN FOR WOVEN FABRICS. With 66 full-page Plates and numerous Diagrams in the Text. Third Edition. Demy Zvo. rs. 6d.

Stephenson (J.), M.A. THE CHIEF TRUTHS OF THE CHRISTIAN FAITH. Cr. Zvo. ^s. 6d.

Sterne (Laurence). See Little Library.

Steuart (Katherine). BY ALLAN WATER. Second Edition. Cr.Zvo. 6s.

RICHARD KENNOWAY AND HIS FRIENDS. A Sequel to 'By Allan Water.' Demy Zvo, 7J. dd. net.

Stevenson (R. L.) THE LETTERS OF ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON TO HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Selected and Edited by Sidney Colvin. Third Edition. 2 vols, Cr. Zvo. 1 2s. Library Edition. 2 vols. Demy Zvo. 25^. net. A Colonial Edition is also published.

VAILIMA LETTERS. With an Etched Portrait by William Strang. Sixth Edition. Cr. Zvo. Buckram, ds. A Colonial Edition is also published.

THE LIFE OF R. L. STEVENSON. See Balfour (G.).

Stevenson (M. I.). FROM SARANAC TO THE MARQUESAS. Being Letters written by Mrs. M. I. Stevenson during 1887-8. Cr. Zvo. ds. net. A Colonial Edition is also published.

LETTERS FROM SAMOA, 1891-95. Edited and arranged by M. C. Balfour With many Illustrations. Second Edition Cr Zvo. 6s. net. A Colonial Edition is also published.

Stoddart (Anna M.), See Oxford Biographies.

Stokes (P. G.), B.A. HOURS WITH RABELAIS. From the translation of Sir T. Urquhart and P. A. Motteux. With a Portrait in Photogravure. Cr. Zvo. 3^. 6d, net.

Stone (S. J.). POEMS AND HYMNS. With a Memoir by F. G. Ellerton, M.A, With Portrait. Cr. Zvo. 6s.

Storr (Vernon F.). M.A., Canon of Winchester. DEVELOPMENT AND DIVINE PURPOSE Cr. Zvo. 5J. net.

Story (Alfred T.). AMERICAN SHRINES IN ENGLAND. With many Illustrations, including two in Colour by A. R. Quinton. Crown Zvo. 6s. See also Little Guides.

Straker (F.). See Books on Business.

Streane (A. W.)i D-D* See Churchman's Bible.

Streatfeild (R. A.). MODERN MUSIC AND MUSICIANS. With 24 Illustrations. Second Edition* Demy Zvo, js. 6d, net.

Stroud (Henry), D.Sc, M.A. ELEMENTARY PRACTICAL PHYSICS. With 115 Diagrams. Second Edit., revised, ^s. 6d.

5turch (F.), Staff Instructor to the Surrey County Council. MANUAL TRAINING DRAWING (WOODWORK). With Solutions to Examination Questions, Orthographic, Isometric and Oblique Projection. With 50 Plates and 140 Figures. Foolscap. $s. net.

Suddards (F.). See Stephenson (C).

Surtees (R. S.). See LP. L.

Sutherland (William). OLD AGE PENSIGNS IN THEORY AND PRACTICE, with some Foreign Examples. Cr, Zvo, xs. 6d. net.

Symes (J. E.), M.A. THE FRENCH REVOLUTION. Second Edition. Cr.Zvo. 2S. 6d.

Syrapson (E. Mansel), M.A., M.D. See Ancient Cities.

Tabor (Margaret E.). THE SAINTS IN ART. With 20 Illustrations. Feap. Zvo. ^s. 6d. net.

Tacitus. AGRICOLA. Edited by R. F. Davis, M.A* Fcap. Zvo. 2s.

GERMAN I A. By the same Editor. Fcap. Zvo. 2S. See also Classical Translations.


Tatham (Frederick). See Blake (William).

Tauler (J.). See Library of Devotion.


Taylor (F. G.)Ā» M.A. See Commercial Series.

Taylor (I. A.). See Oxford Biographies.

Taylor (John W.). THE COMING OF THE SAINTS. With 26 Illustrations. Demy Zvo. js. 6d. net.