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xii INDEX,


CASES. — Continued.

Slander. Privileged communication 145

Specific Performance. See Contract; Equity,

States. See Constitutional Law.

Statute. See Conflict of Laws ; Federal Courts ; Evidence.

Statute of Frauds. Sale of land; continuing possession of vendor, loi

Joint possession of grantor and grantee lox

Memorandum 338

Agreement made in court 390

Statute of Limitations, Statute does not run against will fraudu- lently concealed , loi

Adverse possession by successive disseisors 390

G)!or of title 390

Statute runs from time of payment of money under mistake of

fact 389

See, also, Wills. Strikes. See Common Carriers.

Subrogation. Voluntary payment of debt loi

Suretyship. Release of principal 100

Tax. See Constitutional Law ; Real Property, Teacher. See Criminal Law.

Telegraph Companies. Liability for delay of telegram 146

Liability for fraudulent acts of agent 190

Liability for failure to deliver message 390

See, also, Constitutional Law ; Contracts, Tenant. See Landlord and Tenant, Tickets. See Common Carriers,

Trade- Marks. Right to use after dissolution of partnenh^) 339

Trespass. Using one's premises to injury of another 146

Trover. Measure of damages x88

Damages for sale of pledge by mistake . . . .' 188

Warehouseman 390

Removal of goods by teamster in good faith 390

Trustee. See Trust.

Trusts. Constructive trust; restitution of land obtained by fraud • . • 49

Proceeds of trust funds 147

Purchase by attorney of outstanding title .'.... • . . 291

Spendthrift trusts 147

Resulting trust 52

Mingling of funds by bank before insolvency 96

Removal of trustee xoi

Charitable uses 146

Effect of church laws and canons 390

Ultra Vires. See Corporations.

Vendor's Lien. Not destroyed by assignment of note for unpaid

purchase money 190

Venue. Federal jurisdiction under Act of March 3t 1887 51

See, also, Federal Courts. Warehouseman. See Trover, Warranty. See Sales, Water and Water-Courses. Right of Sute in "great ponds" ... 391

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