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CASES. — Pastneeship. — Continued,

Entity of 338

What pAiset to anignee of p«rtner't interest 338

Right to use trade-mark after dissolation of partnership 339

Infant partner 389

Passenger. See Common Carriers,

Pateni-s. Apparatus and principle. (Telephone cases) (note) .... 42

Duration in case of prior foreign patents 389

See, also, Comtitntional Law,

PKRPETUmES. See Real Property,

PHYSiaANS. Qairroyant must exercise skill of ordinary physician . . . 290 See, also. Constitutional Law.

Pledge. Sale of, by misUke 188

Delivery of goods need not be contemporaneous with loan ... 190

POUCE Power. See Constitutional Law,

Polygamy. See Evidence.

Post-Office. See Criminal Law,

Privileged Communications. See Evidence; Libel; Slander,

Prohibition. See Constitutional Ijsw,

Protest. See Bills and Notes,

Purchase for Value. Delivery of deed obtained by fraud 97

Purchaser of note loi

No defence against claim for dower 146

No defence against claim for dower in lands obtained by unre- corded deed 147

Quasi-contract. Mistake of law; voluntary payment 52

Work and labor by woman for supposed husband 186

Mistake of fact 389

See, also. Contract,

Quitclaim Deed. See Real Property,

Railroads. See Common Carriers ; Master and Servant; Negligence.

Rape. See Criminal Law,

Real Property. Life estate, reservation of title till grantor's death . . 50

Rule against perpetuities 52

Deed passes no title when delivery is procured by fraud .... 97

Deed; mistake in description 97

Conveyance to a class 237

Liability for taxes as between maker and holder of bond for

title 240

Quit-claim deed in claim of title 289

Mortgage covering future advances 338

Adverse possession by successive disseisors 339

Rule against perpetuities; gift to a class (note) 182

Evidence that woman is past child-bearing • . . 389

Tenancy by entirety 390

Recoupement. See Damages,

Regulation of Commerce. See Constitutional Law,

Restraint on Alienation. Sec Real Property,

Sales. Warranty 291

See, also. Judicial Salet,

Shifting Use, See Real Property,

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