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CASES. — Landlord and Tenant. — Cotuinutd,

Tentncy from week to week 238

Lapse of Time. See Equity.

Larceny. See Criminal Law,

Lease. See Landlord and Tenant,

Lex Loa. See Conflict of Laws.

Libel. Privileged communications 145

License. By parol to do an act upon licensor*! land 239

See, also, Constitntional Law.

Lien. On land partially bought in good faith with plaintiff's money. . . . 388

Light and Air. See J/^gkways; Nuisance.

Limitations. See Statute of.

Liquor. See Constitutional Law ; Evidence.

Local Ofhon. See Constitutional Law,

Malpractice. See Physicians.

Mandamus. Lies against governor of a State 100

Marriage. See Husband and Wife.

Master and Servant. Supervising architect a servant 52

FelloWi-servant 100

Relation of, not determined conclusively by form of contract .... 240 See, also, Negligence.

Minor. See Infant; Negligence.

Misrepresentation. See Deceit.

Mistake. See Quasi- Contract,

Mortgage. See Jieal Property.

Negugence. Employer's liability for negUgence of supervising

architect 52

Negligence of fellow-servant 100

Child presumed incapable of negligence 99

Damages from mental suffering for delay of telegram 146

Damages for killing a minor child 189

Imputed; carrier and passenger (<< The Bemina*' ) (note) .... 140

Driver and passenger 190, 29^

Parent and child 190

Prima facie case against railroad company for injury to stock . . . 240

Owner of property not liable for acts of mere licensee 290

Volenti non fit injuria 291

Care required of child of tender years 338

Duty to repair property abutting on highway 338

Violation of city ordinance by railroad 33S

Careless statements (also note) 384, 388

Notes. See Bills and Notes.

Novation. Assent of creditor necessary 389

Nuisance. Church bells 100

Malicious obstruction of light and air • 145

Covenant in lease against 189

Obligation of Contracts. See Constitutional Law.

Oleomargarine. See Constitutional Law.

Parent. See Negligence,

Partnership. Between husband and wife 99

Sharing in profits as evidence of (note) 150

Profits paid as salary to agent docs not make agent partner .... 145

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