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CASES.— Continued,

ErrRADiTioN. Prosecution of person extradited for another crime . . . 337

Factor. See Agency,

Ykisv. Pretences. See Criminal Lsw,

Federal Courts, Jurisdiction under Act of March 3, 1887 .... 51, 387 Following State decisions 387

Fellow-Servant. See Negligence,

Frauds. See Statute of.

Great Ponds. See Waters and Watercourses,

Handwriting. See Evidence,

Hearsay. See Evidence.

Highways. Dedication 5i» 99f 290

Right of abuttors to light and air 290

Homicide. See Criminal Law,

Husband and Wife. Liability of husband for wife's debts 99

Partnership between 99

LiabiUty of husband for wife's necessaries 100

No claim for sendees rendered by a woman for her snpposed

husband 186

Property in common 189

Judicial separation 290

Separate estate of wife may be mortgaged for husband's debts . . 337

No common law marriage between slaves (note) 140

Husband may enforce wife's contract with himself 387

Statutes relating to married women 390

Immigration. Contract labor; clergymen 238

Indorser. See Bills and NoUs,

Infant. Contract for benefit of infant enforceable 388

Member of partnership 389

' Injunction. See Equity,

Insanity. See Criminal Law,

Insolvency. Creditor preferred when misappropriated funds have

swelled assets 51

See, also. Banks and Banking; Partnership,

Insurance. Condition against reinsurance 99

Duration of binding receipt 189

Rights of beneficiary in life policy 239

Rights of creditors against beneficiaries 290

Condition against incendiarism 290

Interstate Commerce. Enforcement of decrees of Interstate Com- merce Commission (note) 284

See, also, Constitutional Law,

Intkrvenors. See Evidence.

Judicial Notice. See Evidence,

JUDiaAL Sales. Failure of purchaser to comply with bid 388

Jury. Prisoner may consent to trial by eleven jurors 143

Qualifications of grand juror 337

Method of estimating damages 3^

See, also. Constitutional Law,

Landlord and Tenant. Liability for defective premises 100

Covenant to insure 100

Covenant against annoyance and nuisance 189

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