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viii INDEX,


CASES.— CVwi/i««/^.

Drummer Tax. See Constituiumal Law.

Drunkenness. See Constitutional Law,

Due Process of Law. See Constitutional Law.

Duress. Equitable • 98

Refusal to honor check 337

Financial embarrassment 237

Edmunds' Law. See Evidence.

Eminent Domain. Acquiescence of owner to iUegal taking of land, . 50

See, also, Constitutional Law, Engineers. See Constitutional Law.

Equity. Injunction on continuing trespass before trial at law 51

Effect of appeal loi

Preliminary; unsettled rule of law 238

Lapse of time 144

Specific performance 389

Estate. See Real Property.

Estoppel. By judgment 98

Evidence. Account-book 50

Book-entries 144

Character 50, 98

Crimes constituting part of a series (note) 42

Cross-examination: intervenors 238

Deposition by one afterwards executed 50

Former crimes showing motive 98, 144

Hearsay 238

Insanity 99

Judicial notice that certain railroads are competing lines 387

Mental incapacity of grantor inferred from unnatural dispo- sition of estate 99

Opinion 51

Perjury 51

Polygamy; ** Edmunds* Law," 98

Presumption of death from seven years' absence 189

Prima facie evidence designated by statute 99

Privileged communications 337

Rape; fresh complaint 98

Witness not required to divulge trade secrets 146

Compelling defendant to be a witness against himself . . . 187

Writings; comparison of hands 237

Parol evidence of condition precedent 289

condition subsequent 387

Rules of construction are rules of presumption giving a

prima facie meaning (note) 182

See, also, Criminal Law, Executors and Administrators. Indirect sale by administrator

to himself void 48

Executor cannot set off debt barred by statute of limitations . . . 337

When chargeable with interest 337

Executory Devise. See Wills.

Ex Post Facto Laws. See Constitutional Law.

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