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Prohibitum States. — Iowa, Kansas, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, — 6.

Local Option States and Territories. — Arkansas, Connecti- cut, Dakota Territory, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana Territory, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington Ter- ritory, — 17.

License^ $500, or over, — Arkansas, Dakota Territory, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Montana Territory, Washington Territory, — 10.

Those who are interested in the exact wording of Local Option and License laws will be well repaid by an examination of the Acts of Mich. 1887, "^os. 197 and 313, and the criticism of Champlain, J., on Act no. 197, in In Re Hauck, 38 N. W. Rep. 269. The Local Option Act is declared unconstitutional for a variance between the title and the act

Most of the questions of law arising under the foregoing body of legislation are ably treated in an article by W. L. Murfree, Sen., in 7 Crim. Law Mag. p. 137.

If the question arise whether these laws conflict with the Federal Constitution it would seem, by the late decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Nugler v, Kansas, 8 Sup. Ct. Rep. 273, that the States, in the exercise of their police power, may regulate and prohibit the sale of liquor in any way which does not interfere with interstate commerce, or with the U. S. revenue laws,


Alabama. — Const art. 8, § 6; License, Code '86, ss. 1319-1323.

Arkansas. — Local Option, Dig. Suts. Ark. '84, s. 4513 ; License, I700, Dig. Stats. Ark. '84, 8. 4510; 3 Mile Law, Dig. Stats. Ark. '84, s. 4524.

Aritona. — License, by sales, $40-$500 ; Revised Stats. Ariz. 'S;, par. 2239.

California. — License, $60 to I480, by sales, Pol. Code Cal. s. 3381.

Colorado. — Const art, 18, s. 5; License, $25 to $300, Gen. Stats. Col. p. 2103, s. 8 ; Civil Damage, after notice. Gen. Stats. Col. p. 1034, s. 5.

Connecticut. — Local Option by Towns, Gen. Stats. Conn. ^88, s. 3050 ; License, General, $100, ale, etc., $50, Gen. Stats. Conn. '88, ss. 3053-3080.

Dakota. — Local Option, Laws Dak. '87, c. 70 ; License, $500-|i,ooo. Laws Dak. '87, c. 71 ; Civil Damage after notice, Polit Code D. '85, c. 35, $ 4.

Delaware. — License, Rev. Code Del. '74, p. 259; Civil Damage Laws, Del. 'Sf, c. 384, 8. 14 ; Acts Del. '87, p. 153.

Florida. — Const art. 19, Local Option ; Local Option, Laws of '87, p. 42, ch. 3700 ; License State Tax, ^00; counties, etc., may impose fifty per cent aaditional, Laws of '87, ch. 3681,8.9.