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King Henry the Sixth, IV. vii

K. Edw. Welcome, Sir John! but why come you in arms?

Mont. To help King Edward in his time of storm,
As every loyal subject ought to do. 44

K. Edw. Thanks, good Montgomery; but we now forget
Our title to the crown, and only claim
Our dukedom till God please to send the rest.

Mont. Then fare you well, for I will hence again: 48
I came to serve a king and not a duke.
Drummer, strike up, and let us march away.

The drum begins to march.

K. Edw. Nay, stay, Sir John, awhile; and we'll debate
By what safe means the crown may be recover'd. 52

Mont. What talk you of debating? in few words,
If you'll not here proclaim yourself our king,
I'll leave you to your fortune, and be gone
To keep them back that come to succour you. 56
Why shall we fight, if you pretend no title?

Rich. Why, brother, wherefore stand you on nice points?

K. Edw. When we grow stronger then we'll make our claim;
Till then, 'tis wisdom to conceal our meaning. 60

Hast. Away with scrupulous wit! now arms must rule.

Rich. And fearless minds climb soonest unto crowns.
Brother, we will proclaim you out of hand;
The bruit thereof will bring you many friends. 64

K. Edw. Then be it as you will; for 'tis my right,
And Henry but usurps the diadem.

50 Drummer; cf. n.
50 S. d. march: sound signal for marching
58 stand . . . points: boggle over technicalities
61 scrupulous wit: cautious calculation
63 out of hand: at once
64 bruit: rumor