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The Third Part of

Yet Edward, at the least, is Duke of York.

May. True, my good lord, I know you for no less.

K. Edw. Why, and I challenge nothing but my dukedom,
As being well content with that alone. 24

Rich. [Aside.] But when the fox hath once got in his nose,
He'll soon find means to make the body follow.

Hast. Why, Master Mayor, why stand you in a doubt?
Open the gates; we are King Henry's friends. 28

May. Ay, say you so? the gates shall then be open'd.

He descends.

Rich. A wise stout captain, and soon persuaded.

Hast. The good old man would fain that all were well,
So 'twere not long of him; but being enter'd, 32
I doubt not, I, but we shall soon persuade
Both him and all his brothers unto reason.

Enter the Mayor and two Aldermen.

K. Edw. So, Master Mayor: these gates must not be shut
But in the night, or in the time of war. 36
What! fear not, man, but yield me up the keys;

Takes his keys.

For Edward will defend the town and thee,
And all those friends that deign to follow me.

March. Enter Montgomery with drum and Soldiers.

Rich. Brother, this is Sir John Montgomery, 40
Our trusty friend, unless I be deceiv'd.

23 challenge: claim
32 long of: on account of
40 Sir John Montgomery; cf. n.