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King Henry the Sixth, IV. vii


Scene Seven

[Before York]

Flourish. Enter Edward, Richard, Hastings, and Soldiers.


K. Edw. Now, brother Richard, Lord Hastings, and the rest,
Yet thus far Fortune maketh us amends,
And says that once more I shall interchange
My waned state for Henry's regal crown. 4
Well have we pass'd, and now repass'd the seas,
And brought desired help from Burgundy:
What then remains, we being thus arriv'd
From Ravenspurgh haven before the gates of York, 8
But that we enter, as into our dukedom?

Rich. The gates made fast! Brother, I like not this;
For many men that stumble at the threshold
Are well foretold that danger lurks within. 12

K. Edw. Tush, man! abodements must not now affright us.
By fair or foul means we must enter in,
For hither will our friends repair to us.

Hast. My liege, I'll knock once more to summon them. 16

Enter, on the Walls, the Mayor of York and his Brethren.

May. My lords, we were forewarned of your coming,
And shut the gates for safety of ourselves;
For now we owe allegiance unto Henry.

K. Edw. But, Master Mayor, if Henry be your king, 20

Scene Seven; cf. n.
8 Ravenspurgh; cf. n.
12 foretold: forewarned
13 abodements: omens