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King Henry the Sixth, V. vii

Be resident in men like one another
And not in me: I am myself alone.
Clarence, beware; thou keep'st me from the light:84
But I will sort a pitchy day for thee;
For I will buzz abroad such prophecies
That Edward shall be fearful of his life;
And then, to purge his fear, I'll be thy death.88
King Henry and the prince his son are gone:
Clarence, thy turn is next, and then the rest,
Counting myself but bad till I be best.
I'll throw thy body in another room,92
And triumph, Henry, in thy day of doom. Exit [with the body].


Scene Seven

[The Same. A Room in the Palace]

Flourish. Enter King, Queen [Elizabeth], Clarence, Richard, Hastings, Nurse [with Infant], and Attendants..


King. Once more we sit in England's royal throne,
Repurchas'd with the blood of enemies.
What valiant foemen, like to autumn's corn,
Have we mow'd down, in tops of all their pride!4
Three Dukes of Somerset, threefold renown'd
For hardy and undoubted champions;
Two Cliffords, as the father and the son;
And two Northumberlands: two braver men8
Ne'er spurr'd their coursers at the trumpet's sound;
With them, the two brave bears, Warwick and Montague,

85 sort: find out
85  pitchy: pitch-black
86 buzz: whisper
88 purge: remove
91 bad: lowly

4 in tops: at the height
6 undoubted: fearless
7 as: to wit