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The Third Part of

That in their chains fetter'd the kingly lion,
And made the forest tremble when they roar'd.12
Thus have we swept suspicion from our seat,
And made our footstool of security.
Come hither, Bess, and let me kiss my boy.
Young Ned, for thee thine uncles and myself16
Have in our armours watch'd the winter's night;
Went all afoot in summer's scalding heat,
That thou might'st repossess the crown in peace;
And of our labours thou shalt reap the gain.20

Rich. [Aside.] I'll blast his harvest, if your head were laid;
For yet I am not look'd on in the world.
This shoulder was ordain'd so thick to heave;
And heave it shall some weight, or break my back:24
Work thou the way, and that shall execute.

King. Clarence and Gloucester, love my lovely queen;
And kiss your princely nephew, brothers both.

Clar. The duty that I owe unto your majesty28
I seal upon the lips of this sweet babe.

King. Thanks, noble Clarence; worthy brother, thanks.

Rich. And that I love the tree from whence thou sprang'st,
Witness the loving kiss I give the fruit.32
[Aside.] To say the truth, so Judas kiss'd his master,
And cried 'all hail!' when as he meant all harm.

King. Now am I seated as my soul delights,
Having my country's peace and brothers' loves.36

Clar. What will your Grace have done with Margaret?

13 suspicion: anxiety
17 watch'd: kept vigil through
21 laid: laid to rest, dead
25 thou: his brain
25  that: his arm or shoulder