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The Third Part of Henry the Sixth, with the Death of the Duke of York





Scene One

[London. The Parliament-House]

Alarum. Enter Plantagenet, Edward, Richard, Norfolk, Montague, Warwick, and Soldiers.


War. I wonder how the king escap'd our hands.

York. While we pursu'd the horsemen of the north,
He slily stole away and left his men:
Whereat the great Lord of Northumberland, 4
Whose warlike ears could never brook retreat,
Cheer'd up the drooping army; and himself,
Lord Clifford, and Lord Stafford, all abreast,
Charg'd our main battle's front, and breaking in 8
Were by the swords of common soldiers slain.

Edw. Lord Stafford's father, Duke of Buckingham,
Is either slain or wounded dangerous;
I cleft his beaver with a downright blow: 12
That this is true, father, behold his blood.

[Showing his bloody sword.]

Mont. And, brother, here's the Earl of Wiltshire's blood,
Whom I encounter'd as the battles join'd.

Rich. Speak thou for me, and tell them what I did. 16

[Throwing down the Duke of Somerset's head.]

Scene One. S. d. Plantagenet; cf. n.
1 Cf. n.
5 retreat: trumpet-call commanding retirement
7 Lord Clifford; cf. n.
12 beaver: face-guard of helmet
14 brother; cf. n.