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The Third Part of

York. Richard hath best deserv'd of all my sons.
But is your Grace dead, my Lord of Somerset?

Norf. Such hope have all the line of John of Gaunt!

Rich. Thus do I hope to shake King Henry's head. 20

War. And so do I. Victorious Prince of York,
Before I see thee seated in that throne
Which now the house of Lancaster usurps,
I vow by heaven these eyes shall never close. 24
This is the palace of the fearful king,
And this the regal seat: possess it, York;
For this is thine, and not King Henry's heirs'.

York. Assist me, then, sweet Warwick, and I will; 28
For hither we have broken in by force.

Norf. We'll all assist you; he that flies shall die.

York. Thanks, gentle Norfolk. Stay by me, my lords;
And, soldiers, stay and lodge by me this night. 32

They go up.

War. And when the king comes, offer him no violence,
Unless he seek to thrust you out perforce.

[The Soldiers retire.]

York. The queen this day here holds her parliament,
But little thinks we shall be of her council: 36
By words or blows here let us win our right.

Rich. Arm'd as we are, let's stay within this house.

War. The bloody parliament shall this be call'd,
Unless Plantagenet, Duke of York, be king, 40
And bashful Henry depos'd, whose cowardice
Hath made us by-words to our enemies.

York. Then leave me not, my lords; be resolute;

17 Cf. n.
19 May all the descendants of John of Gaunt expect the same
32 S. d. They go up; cf. n.
35 Cf. n.