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King Henry the Sixth, I. ii

You, Edward, shall unto my Lord Cobham, 40
With whom the Kentishmen will willingly rise:
In them I trust; for they are soldiers,
Witty, courteous, liberal, full of spirit.
While you are thus employ'd, what resteth more, 44
But that I seek occasion how to rise,
And yet the king not privy to my drift,
Nor any of the house of Lancaster?

Enter Gabriel [a Messenger].

But, stay: what news? why com'st thou in such post? 48

Mess. The queen with all the northern earls and lords
Intend here to besiege you in your castle.
She is hard by with twenty thousand men,
And therefore fortify your hold, my lord. 52

York. Ay, with my sword. What! think'st thou that we fear them?
Edward and Richard, you shall stay with me;
My brother Montague shall post to London:
Let noble Warwick, Cobham, and the rest, 56
Whom we have left protectors of the king,
With powerful policy strengthen themselves,
And trust not simple Henry nor his oaths.

Mont. Brother, I go; I'll win them, fear it not: 60
And thus most humbly I do take my leave.

Exit Montague.

Enter Mortimer, and his Brother.

York. Sir John, and Sir Hugh Mortimer, mine uncles!

42, 43 Cf. n.
43 Witty: wise
liberal: gentlemanly
44 resteth: remains to be done
46 privy . . . drift: aware of my intention
47 S. d. Gabriel; cf. n.
48 post: haste
52 hold: castle
58 powerful policy: cunningly-gained power