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The Third Part of

And you were sworn true subjects unto me:
And tell me, then, have you not broke your oaths?

Sink. No; 80
For we were subjects but while you were king.

King. Why, am I dead? do I not breathe a man?
Ah! simple men, you know not what you swear.
Look, as I blow this feather from my face, 84
And as the air blows it to me again,
Obeying with my wind when I do blow,
And yielding to another when it blows,
Commanded always by the greater gust; 88
Such is the lightness of you common men.
But do not break your oaths; for of that sin
My mild entreaty shall not make you guilty.
Go where you will, the king shall be commanded; 92
And be you kings: command, and I'll obey.

Sink. We are true subjects to the king, King Edward.

King. So would you be again to Henry,
If he were seated as King Edward is. 96

Sink. We charge you, in God's name and the king's,
To go with us unto the officers.

King. In God's name, lead; your king's name be obey'd:
And what God will, that let your king perform; 100
And what he will, I humbly yield unto. Exeunt.


Scene Two

[London. A Room in the Palace]

Enter King Edward, Gloucester, Clarence, Lady Grey.


K. Edw. Brother of Gloucester, at Saint Albans field
This lady's husband, Sir John Grey, was slain,