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King Henry the Sixth, III. ii

Widow. Why, then I will do what your Grace commands.

Rich. [Aside to Clarence.] He plies her hard; and much rain wears the marble.

Clar. [Aside to Richard.] As red as fire! nay, then her wax must melt.

Widow. Why stops my lord? shall I not hear my task? 52

K. Edw. An easy task: 'tis but to love a king.

Widow. That's soon perform'd, because I am a subject.

K. Edw. Why then, thy husband's lands I freely give thee.

Widow. I take my leave with many thousand thanks. 56

Rich. [Aside to Clarence.] The match is made; she seals it with a curtsy.

K. Edw. But stay thee; 'tis the fruits of love I mean.

Widow. The fruits of love I mean, my loving liege.

K. Edw. Ay, but, I fear me, in another sense. 60
What love think'st thou I sue so much to get?

Widow. My love till death, my humble thanks, my prayers:
That love which virtue begs and virtue grants.

K. Edw. No, by my troth, I did not mean such love. 64

Widow. Why, then you mean not as I thought you did.

K. Edw. But now you partly may perceive my mind.

Widow. My mind will never grant what I perceive
Your highness aims at, if I aim aright. 68

K. Edw. To tell thee plain, I aim to lie with thee.

68 aims at: intends
aim: guess