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The Third Part of

And, as thou seest, ourselves in heavy plight.

Lew. Renowned queen, with patience calm the storm,
While we bethink a means to break it off.

Mar. The more we stay, the stronger grows our foe. 40

Lew. The more I stay, the more I'll succour thee.

Mar. O! but impatience waiteth on true sorrow:
And see where comes the breeder of my sorrow.

Enter Warwick.

Lew. What's he approacheth boldly to our presence?

Mar. Our Earl of Warwick, Edward's greatest friend. 45

Lew. Welcome, brave Warwick! What brings thee to France?

He descends. She ariseth.

Mar. Ay, now begins a second storm to rise;
For this is he that moves both wind and tide. 48

War. From worthy Edward, King of Albion,
My lord and sovereign, and thy vowed friend,
I come, in kindness and unfeigned love,
First, to do greetings to thy royal person; 52
And then to crave a league of amity;
And lastly to confirm that amity
With nuptial knot, if thou vouchsafe to grant
That virtuous Lady Bona, thy fair sister, 56
To England's king in lawful marriage.

Mar. If that go forward, Henry's hope is done.

War. And, gracious madam, in our king's behalf, Speaking to Bona.
I am commanded, with your leave and favour, 60
Humbly to kiss your hand, and with my tongue
To tell the passion of my sovereign's heart;

39 break it off: cut it short
42 waiteth on: attends
44 he: he who