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King Henry the Sixth, III. iii

Where fame, late entering at his heedful ears,
Hath plac'd thy beauty's image and thy virtue. 64

Mar. King Lewis and Lady Bona, hear me speak,
Before you answer Warwick. His demand
Springs not from Edward's well-meant honest love,
But from deceit bred by necessity; 68
For how can tyrants safely govern home,
Unless abroad they purchase great alliance?
To prove him tyrant this reason may suffice,
That Henry liveth still; but were he dead, 72
Yet here Prince Edward stands, King Henry's son.
Look, therefore, Lewis, that by this league and marriage
Thou draw not on thy danger and dishonour;
For though usurpers sway the rule awhile, 76
Yet heavens are just, and time suppresseth wrongs.

War. Injurious Margaret!

Prince.And why not queen?

War. Because thy father Henry did usurp,
And thou no more art prince than she is queen. 80

Oxf. Then Warwick disannuls great John of Gaunt,
Which did subdue the greatest part of Spain;
And, after John of Gaunt, Henry the Fourth,
Whose wisdom was a mirror to the wisest; 84
And, after that wise prince, Henry the Fifth,
Who by his prowess conquered all France:
From these our Henry lineally descends.

War. Oxford, how haps it, in this smooth discourse, 88
You told not how Henry the Sixth hath lost
All that which Henry the Fifth had gotten?
Methinks these peers of France should smile at that.
But for the rest, you tell a pedigree 92

63 fame: report
78 Injurious: insulting
81, 82 Cf. n.
81 disannuls: makes nothing of