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The Third Part of

Of threescore and two years; a silly time
To make prescription for a kingdom's worth.

Oxf. Why, Warwick, canst thou speak against thy liege,
Whom thou obeyedst thirty and six years, 96
And not bewray thy treason with a blush?

War. Can Oxford, that did ever fence the right,
Now buckler falsehood with a pedigree?
For shame! leave Henry, and call Edward king. 100

Oxf. Call him my king, by whose injurious doom
My elder brother, the Lord Aubrey Vere,
Was done to death? and more than so, my father,
Even in the downfall of his mellow'd years, 104
When nature brought him to the door of death?
No, Warwick, no; while life upholds this arm,
This arm upholds the house of Lancaster.

War. And I the house of York. 108

Lew. Queen Margaret, Prince Edward, and Oxford,
Vouchsafe at our request to stand aside,
While I use further conference with Warwick.

They stand aloof.

Mar. Heaven grant that Warwick's words bewitch him not! 112

Lew. Now, Warwick, tell me, even upon thy conscience,
Is Edward your true king? for I were loath
To link with him that were not lawful chosen.

War. Thereon I pawn my credit and mine honour.

Lew. But is he gracious in the people's eye? 117

War. The more that Henry was unfortunate.

Lew. Then further, all dissembling set aside,

94 prescription: right based on immemorial custom
95, 96 Cf. n.
99 buckler: shield, defend
101 injurious: unjust; cf. n.
103 more than so: yet more
115 lawful: lawfully
118 unfortunate: a breeder of misfortune