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The Third Part of

That, if King Lewis vouchsafe to furnish us
With some few bands of chosen soldiers, 204
I'll undertake to land them on our coast,
And force the tyrant from his seat by war.
'Tis not his new-made bride shall succour him:
And as for Clarence, as my letters tell me, 208
He's very likely now to fall from him,
For matching more for wanton lust than honour,
Or than for strength and safety of our country.

Bona. Dear brother, how shall Bona be reveng'd, 212
But by thy help to this distressed queen?

Mar. Renowned prince, how shall poor Henry live,
Unless thou rescue him from foul despair?

Bona. My quarrel and this English queen's are one. 216

War. And mine, fair Lady Bona, joins with yours.

Lew. And mine with hers, and thine and Margaret's.
Therefore, at last, I firmly am resolv'd
You shall have aid. 220

Mar. Let me give humble thanks for all at once.

Lew. Then, England's messenger, return in post,
And tell false Edward, thy supposed king,
That Lewis of France is sending over masquers, 224
To revel it with him and his new bride.
Thou seest what's past; go fear thy king withal.

Bona. Tell him, in hope he'll prove a widower shortly,
I wear the willow garland for his sake. 228

Mar. Tell him, my mourning weeds are laid aside,
And I am ready to put armour on.

War. Tell him from me, that he hath done me wrong,
And therefore I'll uncrown him ere 't be long. 232

223 supposed: pretended
226 what's past: what has happened
fear: frighten
withal: therewith
228 willow garland: emblem of unhappy love