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King Henry the Sixth, III. iii

There's thy reward: be gone. Exit Post.

Lew.But, Warwick,
Thou and Oxford, with five thousand men,
Shall cross the seas, and bid false Edward battle;
And, as occasion serves, this noble queen 236
And prince shall follow with a fresh supply.
Yet ere thou go, but answer me one doubt:
What pledge have we of thy firm loyalty?

War. This shall assure my constant loyalty: 240
That if our queen and this young prince agree,
I'll join mine eldest daughter and my joy
To him forthwith in holy wedlock bands.

Mar. Yes, I agree, and thank you for your motion. 244
Son Edward, she is fair and virtuous,
Therefore delay not, give thy hand to Warwick;
And, with thy hand, thy faith irrevocable,
That only Warwick's daughter shall be thine. 248

Prince. Yes, I accept her, for she well deserves it;
And here, to pledge my vow, I give my hand.

He gives his hand to Warwick.

Lew. Why stay we now? These soldiers shall be levied,
And thou, Lord Bourbon, our high admiral, 252
Shall waft them over with our royal fleet.
I long till Edward fall by war's mischance,
For mocking marriage with a dame of France.

Exeunt. Manet Warwick.

War. I came from Edward as ambassador, 256
But I return his sworn and mortal foe:
Matter of marriage was the charge he gave me,
But dreadful war shall answer his demand.

235 bid: offer
242 eldest daughter; cf. n.
244 motion: offer
253 waft: convey by water
254 long till: am impatient that