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The Third Part of

England is safe, if true within itself? 40

Mont. Yes; but the safer when 'tis back'd with France.

Hast. 'Tis better using France than trusting France:
Let us be back'd with God and with the seas
Which he hath given for fence impregnable; 44
And with their helps only defend ourselves:
In them and in ourselves our safety lies.

Clar. For this one speech Lord Hastings well deserves
To have the heir of the Lord Hungerford. 48

K. Edw. Ay, what of that? it was my will and grant;
And for this once my will shall stand for law.

Rich. And yet methinks your Grace hath not done well,
To give the heir and daughter of Lord Scales 52
Unto the brother of your loving bride:
She better would have fitted me or Clarence:
But in your bride you bury brotherhood.

Clar. Or else you would not have bestow'd the heir 56
Of the Lord Bonville on your new wife's son,
And leave your brothers to go speed elsewhere.

K. Edw. Alas, poor Clarence, is it for a wife
That thou art malcontent? I will provide thee. 60

Clar. In choosing for yourself you show'd your judgment,
Which being shallow, you shall give me leave
To play the broker on mine own behalf;
And to that end I shortly mind to leave you. 64

K. Edw. Leave me, or tarry, Edward will be king,
And not be tied unto his brother's will.

L. Grey. My lords, before it pleas'd his majesty
To raise my state to title of a queen, 68

40 Cf. n.
42 using: making a tool of
47, 48 Cf. n.
63 To be my own agent