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King Henry the Sixth, IV. i

Which are so weak of courage and in judgment 12
That they'll take no offence at our abuse.

K. Edw. Suppose they take offence without a cause,
They are but Lewis and Warwick: I am Edward,
Your king and Warwick's, and must have my will. 16

Rich. And shall have your will, because our king:
Yet hasty marriage seldom proveth well.

K. Edw. Yea, brother Richard, are you offended too?

Rich. Not I: 20
No, God forbid, that I should wish them sever'd
Whom God hath join'd together; ay, and 'twere pity
To sunder them that yoke so well together.

K. Edw. Setting your scorns and your mislike aside, 24
Tell me some reason why the Lady Grey
Should not become my wife and England's queen:
And you too, Somerset and Montague,
Speak freely what you think. 28

Clar. Then this is mine opinion: that King Lewis
Becomes your enemy for mocking him
About the marriage of the Lady Bona.

Rich. And Warwick, doing what you gave in charge, 32
Is now dishonoured by this new marriage.

K. Edw. What if both Lewis and Warwick be appeas'd
By such invention as I can devise?

Mont. Yet to have join'd with France in such alliance 36
Would more have strengthen'd this our commonwealth
'Gainst foreign storms, than any home-bred marriage.

Hast. Why, knows not Montague, that of itself

13 abuse: insult
18 proveth: turns out
24 mislike: displeasure
35 invention: plan