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King Henry the Sixth, IV. iii

At unawares may beat down Edward's guard,
And seize himself; I say not, slaughter him, 24
For I intend but only to surprise him.
You, that will follow me to this attempt,
Applaud the name of Henry with your leader.

They all cry ‘Henry!'

Why, then, let's on our way in silent sort. 28
For Warwick and his friends, God and Saint George!



Scene Three

[Edward’s Camp near Warwick]

Enter three Watchmen to guard the King’s tent.


1. Watch. Come on, my masters, each man take his stand;
The king, by this, is set him down to sleep.

2. Watch. What, will he not to bed?

1. Watch. Why, no: for he hath made a solemn vow 4
Never to lie and take his natural rest
Till Warwick or himself be quite suppress'd.

2. Watch. To-morrow then belike shall be the day,
If Warwick be so near as men report. 8

3. Watch. But say, I pray, what nobleman is that
That with the king here resteth in his tent?

1. Watch. 'Tis the Lord Hastings, the king's chiefest friend.

3. Watch. O! is it so? But why commands the king 12
That his chief followers lodge in towns about him,
While he himself keeps in the cold field?

2. Watch. 'Tis the more honour, because the more dangerous.

25 surprise: capture unawares
28 sort: manner