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The Third Part of

3. Watch. Ay, but give me worship and quietness; 16
I like it better than a dangerous honour.
If Warwick knew in what estate he stands,
'Tis to be doubted he would waken him.

1. Watch. Unless our halberds did shut up his passage. 20

2. Watch. Ay; wherefore else guard we his royal tent,
But to defend his person from night-foes?

Enter Warwick, Clarence, Oxford, Somerset, and French Soldiers, silent all.

War. This is his tent; and see where stand his guard.
Courage, my masters! honour now or never! 24
But follow me, and Edward shall be ours.

1. Watch. Who goes there?

2. Watch. Stay, or thou diest.

Warwick and the rest cry all, ‘Warwick! Warwick!’ and set upon the Guard, who fly, crying, ‘Arm! Arm!' Warwick and the rest following them.

The drum playing and trumpet sounding, enter Warwick, Somerset, and the rest, bringing the King out in his gown, sitting in a chair. Richard and Hastings fly over the stage.

Som.What are they that fly there?

War. Richard and Hastings: let them go; here is the duke. 28

K. Edw. The duke! Why, Warwick, when we parted,
Thou call'dst me king!

16 worship and quietness: honorable quiet
18 in . . . stands: Edward's situation
19 doubted: feared
22 S. d. French Soldiers; cf. n.