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Henry the Fifth, IV. vii

is necessary, look your Grace, that he keep his
vow and his oath. If he be perjured, see you
now, his reputation is as arrant a villain and a
Jack-sauce as ever his black shoe trod upon
God's ground and his earth, in my conscience,
la! 151

K. Hen. Then keep thy vow, sirrah, when
thou meetest the fellow.

Will. So I will, my liege, as I live.

K. Hen. Who servest thou under?

Will. Under Captain Gower, my liege. 156

Flu. Gower is a goot captain, and is good
knowledge and literatured in the wars.

K. Hen. Call him hither to me, soldier.

Will. I will, my liege. Exit.

K. Hen. Here, Fluellen; wear thou this favour
for me and stick it in thy cap. When Alençon 162
and myself were down together I plucked this
glove from his helm: if any man challenge this,
he is a friend to Alençon, and an enemy to our
person; if thou encounter any such, apprehend
him, and thou dost me love. 167

Flu. Your Grace does me as great honours as
can be desired in the hearts of his subjects: I
would fain see the man that has but two legs
that shall find himself aggriefed at this glove,
that is all; but I would fain see it once, and
please God of his grace that I might see. 173

K. Hen. Knowest thou Gower?

Flu. He is my dear friend, an 't please you.

K. Hen. Pray thee, go seek him, and bring
him to my tent. 177

Flu. I will fetch him. Exit.

149 Jack-sauce: impudent rascal
167 love: an act of kindness