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The Life of

K. Hen. My Lord of Warwick, and my brother Gloucester,
Follow Fluellen closely at the heels. 180
The glove which I have given him for a favour,
May haply purchase him a box o' the ear;
It is the soldier's; I by bargain should
Wear it myself. Follow, good cousin Warwick:
If that the soldier strike him,—as I judge 185
By his blunt bearing he will keep his word,—
Some sudden mischief may arise of it;
For I do know Fluellen valiant, 188
And touch'd with choler, hot as gunpowder,
And quickly will return an injury:
Follow and see there be no harm between them.
Go you with me, uncle of Exeter. Exeunt.


Scene Eight

[Before King Henry's Pavilion]

Enter Gower and Williams.


Will. I warrant it is to knight you, captain.

Enter Fluellen.

Flu. God's will and his pleasure, captain, I
peseech you now come apace to the king: there
is more good toward you peradventure than is
in your knowledge to dream of. 5

Will. Sir, know you this glove?

Flu. Know the glove! I know the glove is a glove.

Will. I know this; and thus I challenge it. 8

Strikes him.

Flu. 'Sblood! an arrant traitor as any's in
the universal world, or in France, or in England.

4 toward: intended for
9 'Sblood: God's blood